Cover Options

There are several options for your custom made phone cover. Below is a detailed description of what is available.

 Front Cover can be one or two pieces.

  • 1 Piece has the material run down the side of the screen
  • 2 Piece has the material only cover the top and bottom sections of the phone.

Front Cover Options

 Back Cover can have the appl cut out.

  • With no cut out, the back doesn't show the apple.

  • With the apple cut out, the apple will have a small black outline like in the image.

Back Cover Options

SIM card slot can be cut out

  • Usually your SIM card never needs to be removed so covering it shouldn't be an issue.
  • But if you feel you may need to remove your SIM card and don't want to remove the bumper you can opt to have the SIM card slot cut out for easy access.

 SIM Cover Options