Installation Instructions

iPhone 4 Installation Instructions

  • Installation can be done in about a minute and is pretty self explanatory. Below are some tips to help speed up the process.

 iPhone 4 Front Installation

  • The cover can be re-positioned as necessary during installation as long as not too much pressure is applied. This allows you to get it lined up perfectly.

  • The edge and the cut out leave a little extra room for mistakes so they don't have to be aligned “perfectly” for it to still look perfect.

  • The Front and Rear cover will not go all the way to the edge of the phone since the edge has a lip.  Take this into consideration during installation.
  1. Start by lining up the hole for the front camera and the ear speaker. If the bottom portion of the cover starts to stick to your screen or wrong area of the phone, no need to worry as it will be reapplied in step 4.

  2. Make sure the top edge of the cover is parallel to the top edge of the phone.

  3. Once satisfied with the top section alignment apply pressure to that area.

  4. Grab the bottom section and pull tight enough to keep the edges next to the screen straight but not too hard to stretch them.

  5. Line up the circular cut out for the home button.

  6. Once things are straight apply pressure to that area and the strips running down the edge of the screen.

 iPhone 4 Back Installation

 iPhone 4 Edge Installation

  1. Start at the camera lens cut out.

  2. There should be uniform spacing around the lens and flash.

  3. Make sure the long edge is lined up straight with the edge of the phone.

  4. Once satisfied you can apply pressure to the cover until it sticks firmly

  1. Start by lining up the headphone jack cut out and the small hole next to it.

  2. Apply pressure to that area once aligned properly.

  3. Slowly work your way around the phone by pulling firm on the cover without stretching it. Go towards the silent switch/volume buttons.

  4. Take extra care to make sure alignment is proper around each cut out.

Video coming soon.